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Measurement as a service:

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Need to characterize a chiral molecule?

Want to test for degradation of the structure of your antibody or protein?

Interested in purchasing an ENANTIOS ROA instrument but want to see if it works for your molecules first?

Let ENANTIOS measure for you with our Proof–of-concept or Molecule Measurement services. Send us your molecule and we send you back all the structural information you need.

ROA Measurement Instruments

(pre-order now – available starting Q4 2024)

Our easy-to-use ROA instrument will be on the market Q4 2024

Full redesign of the optics to minimize artifacts and misalignment
User friendly software
Low-volume measurement vials available
Low-cost measurement vials

Revolutionary design means you don’t need to be an expert- let us do all the laser work so you can focus on measuring!