About Us

Enantios Team Photo - (left to right) Marchand, Dr. Lightner, Dr. Wyss, Dr. Dengler

High precision measurement systems manufactured in the heart of Switzerland

Founded In December 2022 ENANTIOS is a spin-off of ETH Zürich. We are a small but dedicated team passionate about enabling the next generation of pharmaceutical medicine and supporting researchers and scientists in academia and industry.


Innovation, creativity, sustainability, a lot of Swissness are at the heart of our culture and we believe that by following these principles, we can create products and services that will make a real difference in the world: We will improve the wellbeing and quality of life.

Our Values - Innovation
Our Values - Creativity


Dr. Carin Lightner

CEO Co-Founder
Dr. Roman Wyss

Dr. Roman Wyss

CTO Co-Founder
Dr. Monika Dengler

Dr. Monika Dengler

Head of Scientific Applications
Madeleine Marchand

Madeleine Marchand

Founders Associate


Prof. Dr. David Norris

Academic Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Romain Quidant

Academic Advisory Board

Dr. Daniel Schaufelberger

Industry Advisory Board

Philip Tschopp

Industry Advisory Board


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